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Frequently Asked Questions About Downloading Newsletters

Clicking on any of the questions in the table below will transport you to the answer to that question.




  • Who may access newsletters online?
    All current subscribers to Parent Institute newsletters may access their newsletter issues from The Parent Institute's website.

  • Will I still get a hard copy of my newsletter?
    Yes, all subscribers will continue to receive a hard copy of each of their newsletters in the mail.

  • Does it cost extra to download newsletters?
    No, there is no additional charge for electronic access to your newsletters. Downloading is offered as a convenience to subscribers.

  • What are the advantages to downloading newsletters?
    —Avoid mail delays.
    —Avoid retyping articles into your own publications (quickly copy and paste text).
    —Post newsletters on your website or send as email attachments.
    —All downloaded newsletters are personalized.

  • What is the difference between downloading "Individual Articles" or the "Entire Issue"?
    In the menu for a newsletter issue, you may see both "Individual Articles" and "Entire Issue" categories listed. Depending on the copyrights your subscription allows you (you'll also see a link to review your copyrights), you may want to work with just a few articles per newsletter issue or the entire issue.
    —"Individual Articles" appear as separate HTML files with very little formatting. Each headline you see in the menu for that newsletter issue is a link to the file containing the text for that article. These files also contain source attributions for you to use.
    —The entire issue can be downloaded as one PDF file. This file is personalized and encrypted, so it cannot be altered once it has been downloaded.

  • Do I need special software to download my newsletter(s)?
    If you choose to download the entire issue laid out exactly as it appears in print, you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 6.0 or above) installed on your computer in order to view the PDF files we use to post them. The Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free from Adobe. If you only want to copy and paste individual articles, you need only your Web browser.


  • What is my ID #?
    Your ID # is printed on the mailing label on the envelope in which your newsletter is mailed. It takes one of two forms:
    —the letter "X" "B" "E" or "V" followed by an eight-digit number (follow the letter with a zero, not an 'O'), or
    —a six-digit number with no preceding letter.

  • How do I find out what my ID # is if the envelope it's on has already been thrown out?
    If the envelope your newsletter came in has already been thrown out and you don't know your ID #, you may contact The Parent Institute in one of two ways:
    — by calling us toll-free at 1-800-756-5525 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern.

    Please be prepared to provide us with as much information about your account as possible so that we may quickly find your ID #.

  • What may I do with downloaded "Individual Articles"?
    According to the type of subscription you have (review copyrights for specific newsletters here), you may copy downloaded individual articles and paste them into your own publications, both print and electronic.

  • What may I do with downloaded "Entire Issue" PDF files?
    —"Individual" and "Bulk" subscribers may download a PDF copy of their newsletter issues for personal reference only.
    —Those with "Ready-to-Reproduce" subscriptions can download a personalized PDF, which, according to the subscription size they have paid for, they may post on a website, attach to emails, or copy in print. These PDF files are encrypted and cannot be altered once they are downloaded.


  • Who may personalize their newsletter(s)?
    All downloaded newsletters from The Parent Institute carry personalization.
    —"Individual" and "Bulk" subscriptions include the message, "Reference Copy Only. Not for Reproduction or Distribution." These subscriptions do not include the right to reproduce or distribute the entire newsletter in print, via email, website or other electronic means. For complete copyright information, click here.
    —"Ready-to-Reproduce" subscribers may set their own personalization using the "Personalization Manager" tools in the blue box at the top of the page that displays available newsletter issues. Click here to review the Personalization Rules & Guidelines.

  • Does it cost extra to personalize my downloaded newsletter(s)?
    No, personalization is automatic and free for all Parent Institute newsletter subscribers. It is intended as a way to add value to your subscription.

  • How do I change my personalization?
    Only those with "Ready-to-Reproduce" subscriptions may change their personalization. Immediately after successfully logging into the system, a page listing available newsletter issues will be displayed. At the top of this page will appear a blue box labelled "Personalization Manager." Listed among the options are "Edit current personalization," "Add new personalization," and "Select a different personalization from a list of those previously set up."

  • Why would I want to keep a list of different personalizations to choose from?
    This option comes in handy for school districts who subscribe to a newsletter. While they may elect to mention the district in the personalization, they may prefer to allow each school's principal to download a copy of the PDF with the principal's and school's name rather than that of the district.

    The personalization feature can also be used to remind parents of upcoming school meetings or programs. Storing different personalizations allows subscribers to use one of several possible special personalizations or revert back to "the regular" personalization.


  • How do I get individual articles into my own publications?
    Since "Ready-to-Reproduce" newsletters are intended to be reproduced in their entireties, only newsletters that are available as "Individual" and "Bulk" subscriptions list individual articles as separate HTML files from which you can copy and paste. If this is the case, you will see a category heading called "Individual Articles" displayed in the newsletter issue menu, under which there is a list of article headlines. Each headline is a link to the HTML article containing that article's text.
    —Click on the headline for the article you wish to insert into your own publication.
    —On the resulting page, use your mouse to highlight the article text.
    —Copy this selection into your clipboard using Control+C or by selecting "Copy" from the "Edit" menu.
    —Open up the document into which you wish to insert the text and paste it in, either by using Control+V or by selecting "Paste" from the "Edit" menu in that program.
    You may need to reformat the article to conform with your text and column styles, but you won't have to type the whole article in!

  • How do I download/use the illustrations that accompany individual articles?
    Only a few articles per newsletter issue are illustrated (discounting recurring graphic icons). If an illustration appears in an individual article file, you can download that illustration file and insert it into your own publications.
    —Right-click on the illustration (click-and-hold for Mac users).
    —Choose the "Save Image As" (Netscape) or "Save Picture As" (Internet Explorer) option from the popup menu.
    —A dialogue box should appear. Choose where on your computer you will save the file and remember this location.
    —Open up the document into which you wish to insert the illustration file and use whatever image insertion tools are available to insert the file you just downloaded.

  • How do I get a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader?
    The Acrobat Reader is available for downloading free from Adobe. Click here to go to their Acrobat download page.

  • Why aren't all of my newsletter issues showing up as available for downloading?
    If you are successfully logging in to our system and seeing some issues in the menu of available newsletters but don't see as many offered as you believe there should be, there could be a number of reasons.
    —Because we mail newsletters so far ahead of the date on the issue, there is sometimes an inconsistency between the actual dates on your account and the newsletter authorization process. If it happens, it usually affects your first issue. If you encounter this problem, please call customer service at 1-800-756-5525 and we will establish access to that issue for you.
    —The rest of your newsletters could be listed under a different ID #. Sometimes subscriptions to newsletters are placed at different times or on different purchase orders. Sometimes orders have to split into multiple order numbers, each of which is assigned a separate ID # . If this is the case, you will need to log back in under the other ID #(s) in order to view those other newsletters.


  • By phone.
    Call us toll-free at 1-800-756-5525 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern time. Please be prepared to offer as many details of your account (name of subscriber, name of newsletter, zip code, ID #) as possible so that we can quickly look up your account record.
  • Contact Us
    All of our contact information can be found on the Contact Us page.
For assistance with your order, please call The Parent Institute at 1-800-756-5525 and read them your session ID: W20393