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Resource Kits—
Bullying—Engaging Parents, Students and Staff in Your Anti-Bullying Program

Bullying and cyberbullying are increasing
and pose serious problems in schools. But there are proven ways
schools can ensure safety and provide a stress-free learning environment. This kit has everything you need!

Recent data shows that one third of students ages 12 to 18 have been bullied,
up from 1 in 10 in the 90’s. In fact, statistics prove that the bullies themselves
are also adversely affected with 1 in 4 having a criminal record by the time they
are 30 years old.


Evidence-based research also shows the devastating effects of bullying on student achievement. There are significant implications for the the victim, the bully, bystanders, parents and staff dealing with altercations. No student or school is immune to bullying. Bullying affects girls and boys, happens in large and small schools and in urban, suburban and rural areas. It undermines the ability of students to achieve their full potential.

The Education Department (ED) issued two policy memos on bullies to all schools warning of severe consequences, including funding restrictions, if schools don't comply.

The Parent Institute has just what you need! Our kit, Bullying: Engaging Parents, Students and Staff in Your Anti-Bullying Program will help you establish or enhance your anti-bullying program and comply with ED policies. It is appropriate for elementary and secondary levels and will help your staff, parents, students and community understand the causes of bullying, how it affects achievement and what can be done to make a difference.




Available in English and Spanish,
the kit is appropriate for both Elementary and Secondary levels,
and contains all of these helpful components:

A DVD with three "turnkey" enhanced PowerPoint® presentations—for teachers, staff and parents. Just pop it into a DVD player and your job is done!
A CD containing: the teacher, staff and parent
PowerPoint® slides and scripts to give the presentations yourself, plus Leader’s Guides to help you conduct successful meetings; advertising/planning tools such as media releases, parent letters and poster; and the kit’s printable materials including handouts, newsletter articles, survey, certificate and more!
Over 200 pages of resources will help your staff, parents, students and community better understand the causes for bullying, how it affects student achievement and what can be done to make a difference.

Resources for engaging staff
  Materials to learn how to: create a Bully Prevention Leadership Team, a bullying contract, a survey, publicize your program’s policy/procedures and create/update your anti-bullying policy. Plus get a discipline rubric, checklist of best practices and Tools for Teachers that includes a list of ways to incorporate the topic of bullying into the existing curriculum, involving students in classroom rules and more!

See Sample Pages

Resources for engaging parents. Includes bully program announcement letter, ways to conduct a parent-teacher conference on bullying and work with language barriers, 12 monthly articles to include in your parent newsletters to keep parents engaged all year long and more!

Resources for engaging students. Help on how to: promote and reward positive character traits, establish an anonymous bullying reporting system, use contests to motivate students, involve students in creative classroom rules, build anti-bullying into the curriculum and more!

Resources for engaging the community. You’ll get a media release, how-tos for business/school partnerships, ways to work with other schools and more.

50 copies each of these three best-selling publications: Your kit will include 50 copies of Dealing with the Tough Issues…Bullies parent brochure, 50 copies of Questions Parents Ask About…Bullies parent booklet, and 50 copies of Dealing with Bullies student brochure. If you need to purchase more copies, click on the covers below to see cost-saving quantity discounts.

(Click on the images above for full descriptions of these products and to
order extra copies so all your parents and students have a copy.)
All in a Colorful Organized Storage Binder—Hold all your kit components in one easy-to-find source for years of safekeeping!




Order the English kit for the low price of only $349!
Add the Spanish Supplement and pay only $419 for both versions!

—You'll receive the entire English kit, PLUS Spanish versions of the DVD, CD-ROM, booklets, Quicktips, and Student Tips, handout masters, reproducible workshop materials and appropriate leader's materials.


For assistance with your order, please call The Parent Institute at 1-800-756-5525 and read them your session ID: W80627