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Supporting Common Core State Standards:
     Family Engagement for Student Success

Successfully implement the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) by enlisting the help and support of parents!

The successful transition to the rigorous Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is a challenge that requires a team effort.

Family support and home-school collaboration is essential!

Research documents that students are most successful when schools and families work together—leading to better attendance, behavior, graduation rates, test scores and post-secondary enrollment. Experience proves that parents can and will support learning at home when they know their involvement is welcome, when they understand how and what their child is learning at school and when they know what the CCSS are and why they are so important.

The Parent Institute can help you successfully implement the CCSS! Our resource kit, Supporting Common Core State Standards: Family Engagement for Student Success is ready-to-use, with materials to distribute via email, post on your website, and handout at school/community meetings. It includes over 175 pages of resources and practical advice to:

  • Help you engage families;
  • Support your school staff as they overcome parent and community concerns;
  • And work to keep all stakeholders informed!

You'll get:

  • Planning tools/handouts, and a sample agenda;
  • Suggestions for conducting successful meetings, and an evaluation/feedback form;
  • Tips for getting busy parents to attend, ways to involve hard-to-reach parents and overcome language barriers and;
  • How to incorporate CCSS into college-and-career- readiness discussions in your already-successful events like science fairs, math nights, and much more!




Appropriate for both Elementary and Secondary levels,
this kit contains all of these components to help you
implement the CCSS and boost student achievement:


containing an informative five-minute explanatory video telling viewers about:

  • What is the CCSS initiative?
  • What changes might parents expect to see in English, Math, and other subjects?
  • What are we doing at school?
  • How can you help at home?
  • And, what will remain the same?

Show it at parent and community meetings, before family events, on a loop in the front lobby, during parent-teacher conferences, and/or posted on your school’s website!


A CD— containing ready-to-reproduce materials!

  • A template where teachers can outline the standards they are working on and offer simple activities parents can do with their elementary and secondary students at home to support those standards.
  • Newsletter articles and handouts on how and why parents need to be involved, the importance of preparing their child for higher education, what it takes to be college-and career-ready in today’s global economy, practical and helpful ways to instill a love of reading in their child, strengthen their child’s writing and math skills, develop research skills, prepare for standardized tests, and much more!



See Samples

Essential communication materials including:

  • A 15-page reproducible Quick Guide to the CCSS with definitions of important educational terms and answers to parents’ frequently-asked questions;
  • A sample letter from the principal explaining the standards and enlisting the support of parents;
  • A sample press release and sample invitation to your events;
  • Materials for creating a positive media campaign including examples of newsworthy items, suggestions for contacting the media, using your school media, and more!

See Samples

50 copies each of these popular publications for parents —

QuickTip11 Things Parents Need to Know About the Common Core State Standards

The Parent Institute's newest QuickTip explains the background of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), what subjects are covered, how it affects what students learn in those subjects and how parents can help their students meet these new higher standards.

Booklet — What Parents Can Do at Home to Help Students with Math

Ideas and activities for parents to use with children to build a solid foundation of math knowledge. Includes using ”mental math“ to estimate answers, secrets to solving word problems, having fun with fractions and decimals, overcoming math anxiety, using sports statistics to build math interest and more.

Booklet — Reading for Meaning

Help parents help their children learn how to get the most out of what they read! This booklet suggests simple activities parents can use to teach children how to find the main ideas that lead to greater reading comprehension and better grades.

Plus an attractive storage binder!

Organize the many helpful components into an easy-to-reference source for successful use year after year.



Order the English kit for the low introductory price of only $349! Add the Spanish Supplement and pay only $419 for both versions!

—You'll receive the entire English kit, PLUS Spanish versions of the DVD (including narration in Spanish), CD-ROM, the booklets, handout masters, reproducible workshop materials and appropriate leader's materials.


For assistance with your order, please call The Parent Institute at 1-800-756-5525 and read them your session ID: W31523