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Discipline Video Series (Electronic)

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Receive electronically a copy of each of our eight Discipline Series DVDs for your website so parents can see how to use sound discipline techniques with their own children 24/7, at their convenience!

These videos allow parents to see how proven discipline techniques can work in real families. And you'll soon see improved discipline at school. The ideal of having well-disciplined students who come to school ready to learn, who develop important skills that can last a lifetime, can be closer to reality than you ever thought possible . . . and you can make it happen!

Titles include:

  • Teaching Children Responsibility for Their Learning & Behavior - explains how parents can use everyday situations to help children learn responsibility.
  • Helping Children Learn To Resolve Conflicts - helps parents teach their children to resolve conflicts by HELPING them solve their problems, not FIXING the problems for them.
  • Helping Children Learn Self-Discipline - shows parents how to help their children rely LESS on parental rewards and punishments and MORE on their own internal "compass."
  • The ABCs of Discipline at Home - shows parents the basics of good discipline and reminds them of their responsibility to cultivate good discipline habits in their children.
  • Building Respect for Rules, Authority and Other People - shows parents how to be good role models for their children and teach children to see people's strengths, tolerate others' views, and celebrate diversity.
  • Helping Your Child Develop Good Character Traits - shows parents that they, more than schools or churches or teachers—or anyone else—are responsible for teaching their children the basic values that will guide their lives.
  • Instilling the Desire for Success in Your Child - teaches parents a "secret" five step formula for helping children (or anyone!) to succeed in whatever they want to do.
  • Remember... You Are the Adult and You are in Charge! - drawing on research into which parenting styles produce the most successful students, this DVD explains that the most successful, disciplined children have parents who use a "firm" parenting style—not too easy or too tough.

(Sold only as a series – individual titles not available electronically.)

Includes discussion guides. 

Run Time: 8 minutes each.



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Large District (Over 25,000 Students) $755.00 $377.00

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