Elementary School

Motivating Parents DVD Series

This DVD set provides valuable tips on motivating parents to stay involved in their child's education at school and at home.

Receive one copy of each of the following DVD titles:

  • It's Never Too Late to Get Involved! - lets parents know how important their influence can be on their child's education and motivates them to see that anytime they get involved, they begin helping their child.
  • Parents Are Teachers, Too! - details important ways parents can influence what, how much and how well their children learn.
  • Ways Busy Parents Can Help Children Succeed in School - details specific ways busy parents can use learning opportunities they may not realize they have—such as "car time," meals, bedtime, etc.
  • How to Work With Your Child's Teacher - motivates parents to establish a good working partnership with teachers. Suggests practical ways parents can monitor their child's school performance and stay in touch with, and help, busy teachers.
  • Get Ready for the Parent-Teacher Conference - lets parents know what they can do before, during and after the parent-teacher conference to improve their child's learning, at their convenience.

Run Time: 5 minutes each.


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