Academic Achievement Series – 6 Audio Recording Set (Electronic)


Post on your website, email to parents, print on demand for a full year!

In our Ideas on the GO! Audio Booklets, editors discuss the best ways to help students at home in a conversational, easy-to-understand and appealing way that parents can listen to as they run errands in the car or while multi-tasking at home. Busy parents will love the convenience and the great ideas.

Based on the information in the popular Academic Achievement Series booklets with the emphasis on simple, actionable, ideas-that-work, each 21 to 25 minute audio recording is broken down into bite-sized three to five minute tracks on different topics.

Receive an electronic version of each of the six audio recordings in the Academic Achievement series. Posting these "Ideas on the Go" on your website gives immediate access to parents who want to help their children succeed in school!

(Sold only as a series - individual titles not available electronically.)

Titles include: "What Busy Parents Can Do at Home to Help Students With...":

  • Reading - offers ideas busy parents can use at home to help their children develop a healthy interest in reading, an appreciation of why reading is so important and a positive attitude about reading in and out of school.
  • Math - busy parents can use these suggestions at home to tap their children's natural curiosity, stimulate their interest in math and build math skills— simultaneously!
  • Vocabulary - improving a child's vocabulary has the benefit of improving school performance in every subject area. These tracks provide specific, easy-to-implement ideas busy parents can use at home to build the vocabulary of their children and the entire family.
  • Science - packed with ideas, this audio recording lets parents in on some secrets to encouraging children's interest in the world around them—and how to harness that interest to help them do better in school.
  • Writing - busy parents will be excited to use the interesting activities on this audio recording to encourage and improve their children's writing abilities—and help them do better in school!
  • Social Studies - parents will find the ideas presented in these audio tracks perfect for igniting their children's awareness of and interest in what is going on around them.

Average run time: 23 minutes each.




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Medium District (Up to 25,000 Students) $134.00 $71.00
Large District (Over 25,000 Students) $179.00 $98.00

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Small District (Up to 2,500 Students)
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