Parents Make the Difference! (Bulk Copies)

Save Time & Effort Reaching Families Every Month: Order Bulk Copies!

Active parent engagement has a profoundly positive effect on a child’s academic performance.

Save staff time and put the power of families to work for your school by providing age-appropriate, evidence-based guidance in an attractive newsletter that you can send home to families every month.

Parents make the difference! (Early Childhood & Elementary School versions) and Parents still make the difference!, (Middle School & High School versions) are four-page, evidence-based newsletters that provide:

  • Practical, proven information for families,
  • Offering a comprehensive array of school success topics,
  • In a format that is best for you and your school.

The newsletters are published monthly nine times a year (September-May) in both English and Spanish.

Parents make the difference and Parents still make the difference bulk copies meet Title I requirements for family engagement.

When you subscribe now, your families will read articles like these:

  • Five reasons you should read aloud to your child every day
  • Habits at home can help your child thrive academically
  • Everyday activities reinforce basic math and reading skills
  • Get the most out of virtual meetings with teachers
  • Time management is a vital skill for school success
  • …and much more

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Bulk Subscription Pricing:

Each bulk bundle includes 25 printed newsletters at a cost of only $179 per year, per bundle!