Parenting DVD Series

Receive 4 DVDs to help parents become more actively involved in the areas that research says are most important in a child's education.

Each of the videos comes with its own Discussion Guide to help you plan your presentation to parents. It explains the best ways to present the videos and summarizes the information found in each. It suggests questions that should be raised, and provides suggestions for getting parents involved in discussing each topic. Ideas are also included for helping parents implement the parenting information they have learned and make a commitment to help their children when they go home.

Titles include:

Ways Parents Can...

  • Build Responsibility in Children - shows parents some key steps to teaching their children that what they do—or don't do—really matters.
  • Read with Children - parents will learn ideas to help stimulate their child's interest in reading at home, and ways they can show children how many times reading helps them every day.
  • Motivate Children - provides ideas for parents to motivate their children including emphasizing success vs. failure, breaking down assignments into smaller manageable parents, and verbal and non-verbal messages.
  • Help Children Learn - show parents that being involved doesn't have to be hard.

Run time: 11 minutes each.



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