Vocabulary: What Busy Parents Can Do at Home to Help Students CD

Improving a child's vocabulary has the benefit of improving school performance in every subject area. This Audio CD provides specific, easy-to-implement ideas busy parents can use at home to build the vocabulary of their children and the entire family.

Learning depends on good speech, reading, writing and communication skills. So this Audio CD gives parents suggestions for helping children use context to understand new words, challenging children to use synonyms and antonyms, making a word web, trying a newspaper scavenger hunt to find interesting words, using word roots to figure out the meaning of new words, collecting a list of "Words I Could Use . . . " in a future job and more!

Tracks include:

  1. Context. Synonyms and antonyms.
  2. Word of the day. Dictionary Word Web.
  3. Index cards. Scavenger hunt. TV time.
  4. Specialized words. Tests.
  5. Clues. Borrowed words.
  6. Dictionary.
  7. Related words.

Time: 23 min.