Reinforcing Academic Skills

Realizing the American Dream Family Engagement Program: A Team Approach to Academic Success

(Classes for parents in Elementary, Middle, and High School Editions)

Help parents improve student achievement in critical subgroups and build college- and career-readiness in students!

The Realizing the American Dream (RAD) Family Engagement Program is a research-based, do-it-yourself, professionally-developed series of classes for parents that gets results.

Available in Elementary, Middle and High School Editions, in both English and Spanish, it's built on the landmark Hoover-Dempsey & Sandler research model to get parents effectively involved in their student's academic success.

Rarely do you find education research translated into practice so expertly that any school or district can replicate the results. And, it’s ready to implement now!

The program will help parents and families understand the vital role they play in their child’s success in school, learn how to implement an academic success plan for their child. You’ll:

  • increase the number of students who are college- and career-ready; and
  • build support for your school programs as you motivate parents who will see that through smart parenting, hard work and education, their children can be successful and realize the American dream.

In this time of increased accountability and consequences for lower student performance, your school must enlist the help of parents to boost student achievement.

Over 500 pages in three binders provide separate sets of materials needed for the Program Director, Class Facilitator(s) and Parents:

  • The Program Director binder contains all of the information needed to implement the program, including checklists, program evaluation tools, registration forms, attendance sheets, PowerPoint slides, publicity materials, and much more.
  • The Class Facilitator binder contains a guide for each class including detailed lesson plans, discussion starters, PowerPoint slides, room set-up suggestions, instructions for administering the pre- and post-program surveys and more!
  • The Parent binder contains lesson materials for each class, a Quick Guide to the American School System to help parents understand how schools work, typical school standards, important terms and concepts about graduation, typical university admission requirements and much more. It includes a personal Academic Success Plan to identify actions parents will take to ensure their child’s academic success.

Plus: You'll get a dedicated program website containing all the program materials in reproducible, digital formats.

With the Realizing the American Dream program, your school/district can be on the path to increasing test scores, having higher-achieving students and boosting AYP in critical subgroups!


Realizing the American Dream Program Pricing

License Size 1st Age Level/Lang. Each Add'l Age Level/Lang.
School Building $799.00 $399.00
Small District (Up to 2,500 Students) $1,299.00 $649.00
Medium District (Up to 25,000 Students) $1,999.00 $999.00
Large District (Over 25,000 Students) $2,699.00 $1,349.00

Regional Education Service/PIRC — Call for information.


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Elementary School
Middle School
High School
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