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Now on Sale!—

Build Your Own
with Electronic Subscriptions!

You know how hard it is to reach busy, stressed-out parents today—and it's not going to get any easier!

Now you can order a subscription to electronic versions of any of the products throughout our website for parents and students and have them available for the parents, students and staff of your school or district every day, 24/7 for a full year! Several individual titles are available as well as all series of booklets, QuickTips and Student Tips brochures, Stuffer Cards, DVDs and CDs. (See below for a complete list.)

Just imagine if you and your staff could provide parents exactly the help and advice they need, when they need it, to help their children succeed in school.


Imagine that parents could access helpful, simply-written publications from your website anytime they have questions or concerns day or night—from home, at work or anywhere.


Imagine that you could instantly email specific publications to parents, or links to parent involvement videos—with no delay or delivery costs!


Imagine how convenient it would be to print out the publication(s) a parent needs or as many copies as you need for a meeting, without having to order a supply of printed copies in advance.

Personalized too!

Every publication you select for your Parent Involvement Library will be automatically labeled with your school or district name, city and state! We do the work but you get the credit for providing attractive, authoritative, and understandable help for parents!

Create the perfect Parent Involvement Library for your school's/district's website!

Click on Elementary, Middle, or High school to see examples of the publications you can purchase as subscriptions for your website. Choose our convenient Resource Centers or Combination Sets, or create your own library by choosing any of the series or individual publications found at the links below.

Find the package that's right for your school/district! (Click here to see a short video demonstration!)

Resource Centers:

Combination Sets:

Booklets - Series Titles:

Booklets - Individual Titles:

QuickTips - Series Titles:

QuickTips - Individual Titles:

Student Tips - Series Titles:

Stuffer Cards

  • Complete Set - a complete set of all 12 titles listed below.
  • Combo Set #1: (Attendance, Communicating Expectations, Self-Discipline, and Family Time.)
  • Combo Set #2: (Reading, Setting Goals, Routines, and Getting Along with Others.)
  • Combo Set #3: (Responsibility, Good Study Habits, Staying Safe, and The School-Parent Team.)

DVD-Individual Titles:

DVDs - Series Titles:

CDs - Series Titles:

Sign up is as simple as 1-2-3-4. Your electronic Parent Involvement Library can be on your website within minutes of setup!
  1. Just select the series or individual publications YOU want in your customized electronic Parent Involvement Library. Find the electronic version title(s) you want — in the upper right-hand corner of each print product page throughout our website you will find an image marked “Electronic Version”. Click on it and scroll down to the ordering section.
  2. Choose the "level" electronic subscription that fits your needs:

    School Building: Electronic and print distribution to every parent served by a single school building.

    District: Electronic and print distribution to every parent served by a school district. Materials can be distributed via the district’s website and/or from the websites of individual schools at no additional cost. Pricing is based on the size of your district:

    • Small District-up to 2,500 students;
    • Medium District-up to 25,000 students;
    • Large District-over 25,000 students;
    • Regional Education Service Agency/PIRC: call for subscription options.
  3. Add it to your shopping cart! Continue this process of choosing the series or single publications you're interested in, and the appropriate building/district level until you have ordered all the publications you want to have available in your library.
  4. When you order, you'll provide your name and email address and you will receive simple setup instructions that you or your webmaster can use to add the electronic publications you selected to your website—and instructions on how to make them easily available to you and your staff for emailing to parents or for printing on demand.

The cost of having the popular and authoritative Parent Institute materials has never been more affordable!

Your customized electronic Parent Involvement Library (in English and/or Spanish) will be available to every parent in your school or district, within the scope of your building or district level subscription, for an entire year for one low price. If you have questions, need help setting up the service or just want to add additional titles to your Library, our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team is just a toll-free phone call away.

Every electronic publication is available in English and Spanish and significant discounts apply if you choose both! All of our products, with the exception of Resource Kits, are available as yearly electronic subscriptions-even DVDs! Call our friendly customer service department for more information! 1-800-756-5525.

For assistance with your order, please call The Parent Institute at 1-800-756-5525 and read them your session ID: W55260