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Publications for High Schools


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  • Conquering Homework Challenges - Booklet
  • Finding the Right Balance (Secondary School Version) - Booklet
  • Getting Organized for Schoolwork and Homework - Booklet
  • Helping Children Get Organized for Homework and Schoolwork - Booklet
  • Internet Safety and Responsibility for Students: A Guide for Parents - Booklet
  • Questions and Answers About Standardized Tests: A Guide for Parents - Booklet
  • Questions Parents Ask About ... Attendence - Booklet
  • Questions Parents Ask About ... Bullies - Booklet
  • Questions Parents Ask About ... Discipline - Booklet
  • Questions Parents Ask About ... Homework - Booklet
  • Questions Parents Ask About ... Tests & Quizzes - Booklet
  • Questions Parents Ask About ... Working With Your School - Booklet
  • Remember . . . You Are the Adult and YOU Are in Charge - Booklet
  • Studying For & Taking Tests - Booklet
  • Top Five Study Skills Every Student Needs - Booklet
  • Using the Internet as a Study Tool - Booklet
  • Why Studying is Important for Your Child's Future - Booklet
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Stuffer Cards:
Electronic Parent Guides:
    Resource Kits:
    • Hazing Prevention Starts Now: Engaging Staff, Students and Parents in Building a Positive School Culture - Resource Kit
    • College & Career Readiness: What Parents and Students Need to Know and Do Now - Resource Kit
    • Attendance Matters! Engaging Parents, Students, and Staff in Your Attendance Campaign - Resource Kit
    • Bullying–Engaging Parents, Students and Staff in Your Anti-Bullying Program - Resource Kit
    • Supporting Common Core State Standards: Family Engagement for Student Success- Resource Kit
    • Homework & Study Skills: Engaging Parents to Support Student Learning - Resource Kit
    • Ways Busy Parents Can Help Children Succeed School - Resource Kit
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