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eTips™: Daily Parent Engagement Messages

Schools are finding that social media, text and voice messaging are reaching many parents—especially those who may not check your website everyday or use cell/smart phones exclusively for their communication. With our eTips™: Daily Parent Engagement Messages, school leaders can reach these "mobile" parents in ways that are easy, effective and economical. You'll receive a weekly email containing seven easy-to-use, professionally-written school success tips to cut and paste or customize on your website, mobile apps, Facebook, Twitter, parent portals, text and voice messaging and more!

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Simply-written, inexpensive 16-page booklets are available on the topics educators have identified as high priority for helping parents help their children. All 60 booklets are available in both English and Spanish.

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QuickTips are short, simple and right on target. Available in both English and Spanish, these 9" x 12", tri-fold brochures are the perfect way to provide parents the kind of advice you would give if you could speak with each one of them personally. Every QuickTips brochure offers a great opportunity to inform busy parents about important topics in an easy-to-read-and-keep format.

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Student Tips

Student Tips

Student Tips are available in both English and Spanish, and written in non-judgmental, student-friendly language. These tri-fold brochures can be used by students and parents working together—or they're perfect for students to use by themselves, from the time they're old enough to read through high school! Like all Parent Institute products, they are covered by our unconditional Guarantee of Satisfaction.

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Stuffer Cards

Stuffer Cards

When you only have a few seconds of parents' attention, Stuffer Cards are the answer! They are 3.5" x 8.5"—just the right size for stuffing in envelopes, putting in backpacks or handing out to parents! They're research based and cover today's most important keys to student success according to a recent nationwide survey of school leaders. Written from a school point of view. Stuffer Cards tell parents what you would tell them if you could speak to each one personally. One sheet, front and back—the perfect length for busy parents who want to help their children. Available in both English and Spanish.

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Programs from the Parent Institute are designed for schools and districts to use with parents and teachers year after year. They will help you boost student achievement as you engage parents of all subgroups. The programs are built upon the landmark Hoover-Dempsey & Sandler Method of Parent Involvement and are drawn from the Institute’s 20+ years of extensive research and experience of what works in parent involvement.

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Presentation Kits

Resource Kits

Developed through hundreds of hours of research and editing directed by Dr. John Wherry, President of The Parent Institute—and featuring The Parent Institute staff's personal audio and video narration—these all-inclusive kits make a persuasive case for parent involvement, motivate parents to get involved and are bursting with practical ideas parents can use at home to boost student achievement and standardized test success, all drawn from the Institute's 20+ years of extensive research and experience.

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School Success Web Content Service

An easy, inexpensive way for you to give parents access to thousands of tips and ideas to boost student achievement at their convenience...from your school website! Available for your parents 24/7 in English and/or Spanish, Elementary and/or Secondary, after a one-time, simple, no-cost set up, you'll get daily-updated parent involvement information automatically delivered to your school's website for pennies a day.

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The same great advice for parents to help their children succeed you find in our Booklets and Quicktips is also available in DVD format.

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Newsletters from The Parent Institute are the perfect way for you to reach busy parents with sound advice on ways they can help improve their children's performance in school. Our monthly newsletters will help you get parents involved with the education, discipline, responsibility and well-being of their children to promote student achievement and school success. All include the right to download articles or entire issues (depending on subscription type) from our website and are covered by our full money-back guarantee of satisfaction!

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Parent Guides

Parent Guides

Parent Guides are electronic publications designed to give you the flexibility you need to get critical parent involvement information to parents when and where they need it. They are 8 to 16 pages each—brief enough for busy parents to read, thorough enough to provide substantive, research-based help—and prepared by the editors at The Parent Institute so you have confidence in what parents are being told. Post them on your school/district website—or use them in conjunction with the School Success Web Content Service from The Parent Institute.

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