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QuickTips—Student Stress Series

Helping Children Cope with Grief

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The loss of a friend or loved one can be detrimental to a child. Many parents can feel unprepared and apprehensive about how to reach out and help their child who is going through the stages of grieving. This brochure advises parents to be honest, sensitive and patient with their child. Parents will also learn how to notice signs in their child's emotional and physical health, as well as, the importance of keeping normal routines so there is minimal disruption in schoolwork and other activities.

Grief can strike following the loss of a loved one or over tragic world events thousands of miles away. It affects children of all ages in many ways and can be all encompassing. This QuickTips brochure provides ways parents can help their child cope. By providing this QuickTips brochure to parents, you too can help get their child through difficult times with compassion and understanding.

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