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Social & Emotional Learning Series – 5 QuickTip Set

Post on your website, email to parents, print on demand for a full year!

Help Families Support Their Children's Social and Emotional Development

Families have been on the front lines during the past year, helping their children tackle virtual and hybrid schooling.

They have also witnessed the toll the pandemic has taken on the social and emotional lives of their children. Even now, as children begin to return to the classroom, social and emotional issues will continue to challenge schools and parents.

That's why it is so important to strengthen children's social and emotional learning (SEL). Research shows SEL has a significant impact on student achievement and well-being—and promotes educational equity and excellence.

Empower your families' ability to boost their children's SEL skills with a new series of QuickTips from The Parent Institute. These tri-fold brochures, available in English and Spanish, offer families practical guidance on how to help students think about themselves and others and develop their ability to manage their emotions, actions, relationships and decisions in positive ways.

Receive an electronic copy of each of the five QuickTips brochures in this series. Post them on your website to give parents help with motivating their children any time of day or night!

Titles include: (Sold only as a series - individual titles not available electronically.)

  • Help Your Child Develop Self-Awareness – Today's students are facing unprecedented learning challenges. Awareness of their emotions, thoughts, behaviors and strengths can help students make better decisions in school and in all areas of their lives. With this QuickTip, families will identify ways to help their children talk about feelings, manage emotions, develop empathy, boost optimism and more.
  • Help Your Child Learn Self-Management – As the response to the pandemic evolves, many students and their families are struggling to adapt to the new realities of school life. Self-management skills can help students rise to the challenge. This QuickTip offers strategies for families to help their children get organized, make the most of time, manage stress, set goals, and more.
  • Help Your Child Practice Responsible Decision-Making – When students are able to make responsible decisions, they are better equipped to respond to changes and challenges and make positive choices about how they behave. This QuickTip offers strategies for families to help their children identify problems, analyze solutions, turn mistakes into lessons, roleplay tricky situations, and more.
  • Help Your Child Strengthen Relationship Skills – As hybrid and remote learning changed the way many students interact, reinforcing relationship skills is even more crucial. Teach families how to help their children strengthen listening and communication skills, resolve conflicts peacefully, cooperate with others, and more.
  • Help your Child Build Social Awareness – Create a positive learning environment by equipping families to help their children recognize feelings, consider situations from different points of view, appreciate diversity, practice empathy and form solid connections with classmates, teachers and friends.

Yearly Electronic Subscription Price:

Subscription Size 1st
School Building $104


Small District
Up to 2,500


Medium District
up to 25,000


Large District
over 25,000


Regional Education
Service Agency/PIRC

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