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Parents still make the difference! – High School Version

Special Introductory Pricing!

The High School version of Parents still make the difference! gives parents four idea-filled pages that will help their teenagers succeed at home and in school, in a format that is best for you and your school.

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Individual Subscription Prices:

First Subscription—$129
Each additional age
level and/or language—Add $69

Bulk Subscription Prices:

You must first purchase an Individual Subscription (above) for each newsletter version for which you want extra copies.

Each bundle includes 25 newsletters at a cost of $99/per year, per bundle.


Special Introductory Pricing!

Ready-to-Reproduce Prices:
Subscription Size  1st
Each additional age level and/or language version

School Bldg Was $419
Now $369!


Small District
up to 2,500
Was $709
Now $629!


Medium District
up to 25,000
Was $979
Now $879!



Large District
over 25,000

Was $1,319
Now $1,149!


Regional Education Service Agency / PIRC - Please call for information.


Early ChildhoodElementary SchoolMiddle SchoolHigh School
Individual Subscription
plus bundles of 25
Ready-to-Reproduce Subscription


For assistance with your order, please call The Parent Institute at 1-800-756-5525 and read them your session ID: W96571