Science: What Busy Parents Can Do at Home to Help Students CD

Packed with ideas, this Audio CD lets parents in on some secrets to encouraging children's interest in the world around them—and how to harness that interest to help them do better in school.

The emphasis is on using everyday experiences and materials around the home to spark children's interest in science, practice the scientific method and understand the real and useful role science plays in our lives. Specific activities for children of all ages include educational "science-in-the-sink" experiments; a "scavenger hunt in the skies" to find the North star, visible planets, man-made objects in space . . . and lots more!

Tracks include:

  1. Scientific approach. Be a good observer.
  2. Scientific method. Science in the sink.
  3. Egg-speriments. Oil and water. See how things work. Third eye.
  4. Micro hike. Magnets. Symbols.
  5. Weather watchers. Scavenger Hunt. Garden.
  6. Science fair.
  7. Science homework.

Run time: 24 min.