Social Studies: What Busy Parents Can Do at Home to Help Students CD

Parents will find the ideas presented on this Audio CD perfect for igniting their children's awareness of and interest in what is going on around them!

One of the best ways to reinforce school lessons and make social studies come alive is for students and parents to discuss current events at home. From dinner table discussions and Internet exploration to trips to the library, the ideas are sure to build student understanding of social studies—and increase healthy parent involvement at the same time.

Tracks include:

  1. Family history. History affects today's news.
  2. Current events. Personal time line.
  3. Time in a bottle. Gallery of heroes.
  4. Make geography come alive. Use a compass. Travel abroad at home.
  5. Link words to places. Getting involved.
  6. ‘In Depth' and ‘In Breadth.'
  7. SQ3R.

Time: 22 min.