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ParentTalks™ Videos

ParentTalks™ Videos

Engage busy families with personalized, compelling
whiteboard animated videos that teach vital
"parenting-for-student-success" skills
SIPAward 2107 Winner ParentTalks whiteboard videos show busy families how to support their K-12 child's education with evidence-based ideas they can use right now! They come in sets of six, short attention-grabbing videos personalized from your school or district for parents on ways they can help their children succeed in school. Set #1 is on Reading. The titles are below.
PREVIEW ParentTalks Video: Create a Family Reading Habit

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Research proves families want to help their children succeed, but often don't know how. ParentTalks Videos give you a medium to display these important school success tips strategies/ideas in a variety of channels. After a simple, one-step download from our website, you can begin sharing ParentTalks Videos regularly throughout the year to show parents how they can help:

Sample Video Download Page
  • Post them to your website, using simple HTML code, so they are available to all parents 24/7.
  • Periodically post them on Facebook to increase Likes and Shares, and reach parents who prefer social media to websites.
  • Put them on Twitter to share with your followers.
  • Text and email them to parents during special reading weeks and promotions.
  • Give them to teachers to post in parent portals to encourage good student reading habits.
  • Play all six videos on a continuous loop in common areas during parent-teacher conferences.

The ParentTalks Videos are friendly, inviting and motivating. The practical, time-tested ideas can be watched over and over by both families and students to build lifelong school success habits. They come in collections of themed bundles, both in English and Spanish. The material is not sequential, so you can present them in any order!

Reading Set Titles:

  1. Create a Family Reading Habit [Available Now]
  2. Build Reading Skills and Comprehension [Available Now]
  3. Instill a Love of Reading in Your Child [Available Now]
  4. Motivate a Struggling Reader [Available Now]
  5. Make Read-Alouds Come to Life! [Available Now]
  6. Connect Reading to Real Life [Available Now]

Create a Family Reading Habit lets parents know how important reading is for their children's academic success and motivates them to create a family reading habit.

Building Reading Skills and Comprehension details important ways parents can help their children develop reading skills so they can understand more of what they read.

Instill a Love of Reading in Your Child offers fun and simple ways parents can help their children learn to love reading so they will want to read even more.

Motivate a Struggling Reader outlines specific strategies that parents can use to help their children overcome common reading challenges.

Make Read-Alouds Come to Life! shows parents the value of reading aloud with children of all ages – and offers practical tips for making read-alouds successful!

Connect Reading to Real Life encourages parents to show their children the value of reading and how it is connected to so many essential things in their life.

For assistance with your order, please call The Parent Institute at 1-800-756-5525 and read them your session ID: W47362