Questions Parents Ask Booklet Series

Receive printed copies of each of the three booklets in this series. Written in a friendly Q&A format, this series gives parents the answers to their most pressing questions on topics critical to school success.

Titles include: "Questions Parents Ask About..."

  • Attendance - regular attendance is linked to lower drop-out rates and higher student achievement. This booklet addresses questions parents ask about attendance, including refusal, illness, family vacations, unfinished homework and fear of bullies.
  • Bullying - bullying is a major problem in schools today not only for the victims but for the administrators who must address it and the parents trying to help. Give parents hope and solutions with this booklet, covering bullies, bullying, and cyberbullying.
  • Working With Your School - when parents are involved, students do better in school. This booklet helps to reassure parents that schools value their involvement. It promotes the importance of working with the school at conference time, when a child is struggling academically, bullied or doesn't like a teacher.




Booklet Series Pricing

Available in sets of:

50 copies each = 150 booklets total. $198.00

100 copies each = 300 booklets total. $298.00

500 copies each = 1,500 booklets total. $1,298.00