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Attendance! Engaging Families, Students and Staff in Your Attendance Campaign

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Educators know the value of attendance. But how can you communicate that—and help families and students overcome barriers to attendance? The Attendance! Engaging Families, Students and Staff in Your Attendance Campaign resource kit will help you engage everyone in your school community to improve attendance.

Research shows that there is a statistically significant correlation between poor attendance and low grades.

Take a giant leap toward improving student achievement in your school with over 100 pages of resources (available in English and Spanish) including attendance strategies and campaigns with varying themes that you can use year after year. Your resource kit also addresses the sensitive and complex issues that can lead to chronic absenteeism and provides specific strategies for helping families overcome these barriers to attendance.

There is nothing more important to student success than having families involved in making sure students are in class, on time and ready to learn every day!

What You Get

Appropriate for both elementary and secondary levels, this kit contains all these helpful components:

  • Three enhanced PowerPoint presentations on why attendance matters, professionally narrated for elementary and secondary families and staff. Each video comes with a leader's guide, script and handouts.
  • An online portal containing ALL the kit's printed materials including planning tools and handouts.
  • Program profiles of successful attendance plans on topics such as:
    • Making dropout prevention a community priority
    • Using home visits to keep students on track and in school
    • Using student involvement to boost attendance
    • Initiating a community attendance campaign
    • Implementing a media campaign to reduce truancy
  • Also included:
    • A checklist of best practices
    • Sample media releases
    • An attendance campaign calendar
    • Newsletter articles
    • Family handouts
    • Surveys
    • Posters
    • And much more!

To remind families of the importance of attendance throughout the year, you'll also receive:

We've organized everything for you. The kit components arrive in an attractive binder and all these helpful materials may be used year after year.

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