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School Success Web Content Service

Improve family engagement using your website and social media! Now there's an easy, inexpensive way for you to engage parents by giving them thousands of helpful tips and ideas they can use with their children to boost student achievement: the School Success Web Content Service!

For your website:

Receive daily school success updates with the School Success Web Content Service. It is automatically delivered to your school/district's website every day—365 days a year! (Requires only a quick, simple, one-time setup.)

The professional, research-based tips and ideas for school success on responsibility, respect, student motivation, reading, math, homework, study skills, routines, discipline and more will be available for your parents 24/7! Tailor to your needs as you choose from Elementary, Secondary, English and/or Spanish versions. 

Your families will learn how to support student achievement via...

  • daily parent tips
  • daily school success ideas
  • weekly quizzes
  • weekly articles on timely topics
  • seven in-depth Parent Guides
  • and more!

Parents will come back to your website over and over again to find helpful, fresh information and read the school announcements you need them to read. And the School Success Web Content Service is personalized with your name and your school's name, so while we do the work, you get the credit! 

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Daily eTips for your social media:


When you purchase the School Success Web Content Service, you also get eTips™: Daily Parent Engagement Messages to reach and engage many more parents—especially those who may not check your website every day.

These shortened versions of the daily parent tips are the perfect length for text messaging, parent portals, and social media posts, while providing a powerful, effective message that busy parents have time to read. Each eTip includes a link to the full, illustrated version of the tip on your personalized School Success Web Content portal.

One-Year Subscription Pricing:

License Size 1st Version Each Additional Language and/or Age Level Version
School Building $539 $299
Small District (Up to 2,500 Students) $679 $379
Medium District (Up to 25,000 Students) $939 $499
Large District (Over 25,000 Students) $1,229 $679

English Spanish
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