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Summer Matters: Easy Ways Families Can Support Summer Learning

61 Easy Ways for Families to Incorporate Learning Into Everyday Summer Life

Strategies for Families to Support Learning This Summer and Help Accelerate Learning

Families can play an important role in supporting learning this summer and helping teachers accelerate learning when school starts again. You can keep the family-school partnership strong year-round by promoting family engagement during the summer.

A new resource from The Parent Institute, Summer Matters: Easy Ways for Families to Support Summer Learning, offers families easy ways to incorporate learning into everyday activities. The guide will show families ways to weave learning into everyday life while enjoying the pleasures of the summer break.

This 8.25" x 10.75" eight-page printed resource is filled with 61 specific suggestions that enhance favorite summer activities, divided into six sections. Families can refer to it time and time again over the summer for expert guidance on supporting children’s academic achievement.

The guide outlines activities for elementary students in reading, math, science, social studies, critical thinking and more.

Summer Matters offers a variety of strategies and tips, on topics including:

  • Creating a reading-friendly environment by strategically placing books and magazines near the TV or computer
  • Combining learning with playtime (practice counting during board games, encourage writing during pretend play)
  • Discovering science while enjoying nature—from rocks on the ground to stars in the sky
  • Exploring social studies by digging into family history and culture
  • Taking advantage of “teachable moments” in everyday life: “Why do you think it’s raining even though the sun is out?”

    Help families help their children be better prepared for school with Summer Matters: Easy Ways for Families to Support Summer Learning.

    This guide is available in English and Spanish.

    Click here to view a sample in English.

    Click here to view a sample in Spanish.



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