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Resource Kits Bundle

Parent and Family Meetings Made Easy With Family Engagement Presentations on Critical School Success Topics 

Engage families with ready-to-go meeting kits on critical school success topics, including attendance, literacy, math, study skills and much more.

Increased family engagement is key to helping children develop a positive attitude about learning, both in and out of school. These comprehensive Family Meeting Resource Kits provide both printed and digital materials to help you communicate with families and deliver evidence-based solutions parents can use at home to boost student achievement.

Available in English, and English with Spanish supplements, this bundle of 10 ready-made Resource Kits offers practical, easy-to-understand advice for parents on a variety of high-priority concerns.

This 10-Kit Bundle positions your school or district with ready-made tools to engage families throughout the year.

Bundle Includes 10 Kits on Critical Student Success Topics:

  • Attendance! Engaging Families, Students and Staff in Your Attendance Campaign
  • Bullying: Engaging Families, Students and Staff in Your Anti-Bullying Program
  • College & Career Readiness: What Parents and Students Need to Know and Do Now
  • Homework & Study Skills: Engaging Families to Support Student Learning
  • Let’s Do the Math: Engaging Families in Your Mathematics Program
  • Moving Right Along: Engaging Families for Student Success in the Middle Grades
  • Off to a Good Start! Ways Families Can Help Children Succeed in Kindergarten
  • Reading for Success: Engaging Families in Your Literacy Program
  • Ways Busy Families Can Help Children Succeed in School
  • Ways Busy Families Can Help Children Succeed on Standardized Tests



Resource Kit Bundle Pricing

Quantity English Kits Only English Kits with Spanish Supplements
10-Kit Bundle $3,489.00 total $4,670.00 total

For quantities not listed, please email customer service at customer@parent-institute.com.