Ways Busy Families Can Help Children Succeed in Elementary School

This quick-to-read brochure is a must for busy families! This QuickTip details specific ways busy parents and families can use learning opportunities they may not realize they have—such as "car time," meals, bedtime, etc.

After the day-to-day hassles of working, commuting, shopping, etc., busy families barely have time to speak to each other or their children. It seems like there is not time to devote to learning. And research indicates that "lack of time" is the reason many parents say they are not involved in the education of their children.

This QuickTip helps busy parents and families understand how important working with their child can be—and that there are many proven, meaningful ways to help their child learn even when time is a real luxury!

Click here to view a sample in English.

Click here to view a sample in Spanish.


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