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Invite your families…
even the busiest, hardest-to-reach families...
to become engaged in helping their children learn!


Helping Children Learn is written with today's fast-paced parents in mind. Every monthly issue (September-May) delivers the kind of advice you'd give families if you could speak with each one personally.

Published in four age-specific versions—Early Childhood, Elementary School, Middle School and High School—this monthly two-page, quick read newsletter (publishes September through May) is packed with proven, evidence-based, ready-to-use school success ideas for parents, tailored to the ages of their students!

And it's personalized with your name and the name of your school or district!

In every issue, find parent guidance to help their children succeed, including:

  • Building reading, language and math skills
  • Establishing effective study habits
  • Promoting regular school attendance
  • Developing persistence, resilience and enthusiasm for learning
  • Instilling respect for rules, authority and other people
  • Plus much more!

Helping Children Learn and Helping Students Learn meet Title I requirements to conduct family outreach—and digital editions are ADA Compliant!

  • Subscription Type: Ready-to Reproduce (electronic/website and in print)
  • Format: Two pages, automatically posted on your website, or downloaded in full-color, and delivered in print as black and white reproducible masters
  • Personalization: Personalized with your school/district name and a second line of your choice
  • Languages: English and Spanish
  • Frequency: Monthly, published September through May (Start any month and receive a full nine issues beginning with that month.)
  • Subscription Bonus: Reproducible (website and in print), language and age-appropriate "Daily Learning Planner" with daily ideas for family activities

Click here to see Samples in English.

Click here to see Samples in Spanish.



One-Year Subscription Pricing

License Size 1st Version Each Additional Language and/or Age Level Version
School Building $229 $129
Small District (Up to 2,500 Students) $359 $159
Medium District (Up to 25,000 Students) $569 $239
Large District (Over 25,000 Students) $749 $399

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