Discipline Booklet Series

Receive printed copies of each of the four 16-page Discipline Series booklets because good discipline is critical to student success—and experts know it is best taught by parents at home. Support school campaigns on specific issues like self-discipline, responsibility, respect and conflict resolution.

Titles include:

  • Teaching Children Responsibility for Their Learning & Behavior - full of ideas to help parents nurture their child's desire and ability to take responsibility for being a good student. Works even for children with a history of poor study habits and discipline.
  • Helping Children Learn to Resolve Conflicts - helps parents encourage the skills and attitudes children need to resolve conflicts. Ways to avoid conflicts and ways to handle them once they arise are covered, as well as active listening, tolerance, prejudice, discrimination and accepting criticism.
  • Helping Children Learn Self-Discipline - helps parents teach children self-discipline by detailing effective ways to reinforce good behavior, use the power of expectations, develop good habits, use incentives and rewards, build persistence, goal setting, personal organization skills, and more!
  • Building Respect for Self and Others - packed with practical tips, ideas and simple activities that parents can use every day to teach children of all ages about respect.




Booklet Series Pricing

Available in sets of:

50 copies each = 200 booklets total. $248.00

100 copies each = 400 booklets total. $398.00

500 copies each = 2,000 booklets total. $1,398.00