Ways Busy Families Can Help Children Succeed on Standardized Tests

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Give families evidence-based advice to prepare children to do their best on tests!

This Resource Kit is full of information and resources for families on ways to help their child at home with reading, study skills, listening and following directions, getting ready for tests, overcoming test anxiety, developing a positive attitude, self-confidence and more!

It includes everything you need to hold an outstanding and effective family meeting geared to boost the achievement of every student!

You'll get all of these helpful components for one low price!

  • Ready-to-use videos for three flexible, interactive family meetings. Each meeting includes a Leader's Guide and uses an enhanced video presentation covering many practical tips for families.
    • One 45-60-minute meeting: "12 Things Busy Families Can Do to Help Their Children Success on Standardized Tests" to discuss topics such as attendance, test anxiety, attitude, and communication, just to name a few!
    • Two 30-45-minute meetings, each with a unique six-minute enhanced presentation and Leader's Guide:
      • "Reading Skills for Test Success" – emphasizes the importance of being a reading role model, helping children choose interesting reading materials, and strengthening reading comprehension.
      • "Listening and Following Directions for Test Success" – gives families tips for practicing helping children practice active listening, teaching children to follow step-by-step directions and how to using games to improve important skills.
  • An online portal containing all the reproducible items found in the kit, including:
    • Three fact-filled, 30-minute PowerPoint presentations that you or another school staff member can narrate yourself.
    • A Leader's Guide to accompany EACH interactive workshop—containing seating suggestions, discussion strategies, meeting evaluation forms, tips for conducting a meeting for Spanish speakers, and more!
    • Publicity materials for EACH of the meetings—invitation letters, articles for your school newsletter and school website, news releases, posters for your bulletin boards and entrance doors, and more!
    • Materials for families including page after page of reproducible handouts full of proven ideas on topics like building vocabulary, test anxiety, tips for the night before and the morning of the test, and more!
    • Research reference materials—for staff to help parents understand their vital role.


PLUS— 50 copies of the 16-page Booklet, Questions and Answers About Standardized Tests. Distribute to families as a take-home companion to reinforce what they have learned.

All in a colorful, organized storage binder—hold all your kit components in one easy-to-find source for years of safekeeping!

Now you can hold effective family meetings designed to boost student achievement on tests! This all-inclusive kit provides parents and families with evidence-based advice to prepare children to do their best on tests.

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