Academic Achievement Booklet Series

Receive printed copies of each of the five booklets in the Academic Achievement series to help parents learn the secrets for encouraging children's interests in the world around them, and how to harness that interest to help them do better in school.

Titles include:

"What Parents Can Do at Home to Help With..."

  • Reading - ideas, games and activities will help parents help their children develop a healthy interest in reading, an appreciation of why reading is so important, and a positive attitude about reading in and out of school.
  • Math - parents can use these ideas and activities with their children to build a solid foundation of math knowledge. Includes using "mental math" to estimate answers, secrets to solving word problems, having fun with fractions and decimals, overcoming math anxiety, using sports statistics to build math interest and more.
  • Vocabulary - gives specific, easy-to-implement ideas parents can use at home to build the vocabulary of their children, thus improving school performance in every subject area.
  • Science - helps parents use everyday experiences and materials to spark their children's interest in science, practice the scientific method and help them understand the real and useful role science plays in their lives.
  • Writing - provides a simple, step-by-step method for organizing ideas and writing, plus suggestions including transcribing recorded interviews, keeping a daily journal, recording and analyzing sports results, corresponding with a pen pal and more!




Booklet Series Pricing

Available in sets of:

50 copies each = 250 booklets total. $298.00

100 copies each = 500 booklets total. $498.00

500 copies each = 2,500 booklets total. $1,498.00