Motivating Students Stuffer Cards Set

Receive printed copies of each of the three 8 1/2" x 3 1/2", double-sided, Stuffer Card titles in the Motivating Students set. 

Titles include:

  • Reading - shares with parents that a student who excels at reading will also do better in every other subject and gives them specific ideas they can use to help build reading skills.
  • Setting Goals - outlines ways parents can help their students learn how to set and achieve goals, and build up[on each success.
  • Good Study Habits - help parents lay the important foundation needed to build successful student habits in students.




Stuffer Card Set Pricing

Available in sets of:

100 copies each = 300 Stuffer Cards total. $159.00

200 copies each = 600 Stuffer Cards total. $249.00

300 copies each = 900 Stuffer Cards total. $312.00

400 copies each = 1,200 Stuffer Cards total. $365.00

500 copies each = 1,500 Stuffer Cards total. $429.00