Reinforcing Academic Skills

Ways Busy Families Can Help Children Succeed in School

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This comprehensive package has everything you need to hold an outstanding and effective family engagement meeting—and keep families engaged all year long—to boost the achievement of every student!

Now you can help families partner with your school to motivate children to achieve, develop study skills, build responsibility, do homework, create life-long learning habits, and more!

Individually priced, these components total over $1,550. But together as a kit, it's priced so that even schools on a tight budget can afford it!

What You Get

You'll get all these helpful components for one low price!

  • A professionally narrated, 15-minute video presentation.
  • An online portal containing:
    • The ready-to-use (and easy-to-customize) PowerPoint presentation and script
    • A Leader's Guide containing guidelines for conducting a relationship-building, interactive 45-60-minute workshop after the opening presentation
    • Ideas for hosting "mini meetings" by pulling selections from the longer program to create shorter sessions that can stand alone or be used in conjunction with other school events
    • Family handouts including discussion questions, brainstorming activities, evaluation forms, and more!
  • A reproducible Meeting Workbook for families containing:
    • Publicity materials: invitation letters, articles for your school newsletter and school website, press releases, posters for your bulletin boards and entrance doors, and more!
    • Materials for families: masters of reproducible handouts you can copy and give to all your families. They are full of proven ideas on topics like homework, motivation, responsibility and more!


  • 12 motivational newsletter articles on different aspects of family engagement that are ready to be placed in school or district newsletters or on websites.
  • A "Getting Families to Attend" section containing easy-to-implement ideas, a sample invitation and letter, press releases, invitation articles for newsletters and more.
  • A “Secrets of Successful Family Engagement Programs” section that contains current research on the positive impacts of parent involvement as well as six profiles of proven programs from building math skills to turning students into advocates to get their parents involved.
  • A “Keeping the Momentum” section on hosting additional family events, getting families to join the parent organization, using websites to keep families up to date, working with diverse and low-income families, engaging the community and thanking families for their involvement.

Your kit will also include printed copies of these essential publications:

All in a colorful, organized storage binder—hold all your kit components in one easy-to-find source for years of safekeeping!


Resource Kit Pricing

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2 Kits
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5 Kits
$1,799.00 total $2,395.00 total
10 Kits $3,489.00 total $4,670.00 total

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