Homework & Study Skills Booklet Series

Receive printed copies of each of the four booklets in this series, and help parents teach their children homework and study skills, and how to be more organized and efficient when learning in and out of the classroom.

Titles include:

  • Studying for & Taking Tests - gives parents proven ways to help children prepare for everyday testing situations and high-stakes tests.
  • Getting Organized for Schoolwork and Homework - full of practical, proven ideas for organizing everything from time and writing, to large assignments and notebooks.
  • Top Five Study Skills Every Student Needs - proven ideas parents can use to help their child learn five study skills needed for school success: studying with a purpose, taking effective notes, planning ahead for large assignments, reading comprehension and memorization skills.
  • Reading for Meaning - helps parents help their children learn how to get the most out of what they read! This booklet suggests simple activities parents can use to teach children how to find the main ideas that lead to greater reading comprehension and better grades.




Booklet Series Pricing

Available in sets of:

50 copies each = 200 booklets total. $248.00

100 copies each = 400 booklets total. $398.00

500 copies each = 2,000 booklets total. $1,398.00