Homework & Study Skills: Engaging Families to Support Student Learning

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The Homework & Study Skills Kit helps you inspire parents to create and continue successful homework and study habits. Its 200+ pages provide beneficial and practical ideas that any parent and teacher can use to boost a child's academic success. Materials for parents include test-taking strategies, note-taking skills, time management tips and solutions for those who struggle with homework. This kit will keep parents and teachers engaged all year long!

Research proves that as parental support for autonomy on homework increases, student achievement also increases.

A Department of Education study found, “at schools with high levels of outreach—such as sending parents materials to help their child at home—reading scores grew at a rate 50% higher and math scores 40% higher, than in schools with low levels of outreach.” A study co-written by Joyce Epstein found that the level of parent involvement appears to be directly linked to the specific methods that schools and teachers use to encourage involvement at school. And a study by Hoover-Dempsey, et.al. on the effects of parental involvement on homework found that parents became involved when they perceive that their children and teachers want their involvement, and that their involvement will make a difference. And in another study from Johns Hopkins, over 90% of parents surveyed agreed that parental involvement is important. But 80% said they needed more information about how to help their children at home. The Homework and Study Skills kit will help schools bridge this critical gap with research-based ways to engage parents in their child’s homework/study skills and equip them with the age-level tools they can use at home to help. Parent involvement in homework can lead to positive student attitudes, perceptions of personal knowledge and efficacy and higher completion rates of homework—all leading to greater student and school success. Get started today!

Homework & Study Skills: Engaging Families to Support Student Learning is a K-12 kit that will have everything you need to engage parents and conduct a successful parent meeting on building students' homework and study skills! It includes a PowerPoint® presentation, video/script and meeting materials; age appropriate handouts, eTips and newsletter articles parents can use to help students overcome homework challenges and boost their skills in: test preparation, time management, listening, organization, note-taking, responsibility, critical thinking; and MUCH more!

Appropriate for both Elementary and Secondary levels, this kit contains all of these helpful components:

  • Two video Presentations on the importance of good homework and study skills professionally narrated for elementary and secondary parents and staff. Each presentation comes with a Leader’s Guide, script, and handouts. It's easy-to-use!
  • An online portal containing ALL of the kit’s printed material including planning tools and handouts.
  • A section for school leaders entitled: Why Study Skills Matter including which study skills are most important for student success and for college-and-career readiness, why schools should involve parents in developing student study skills, and more!
  • A section for school leaders and staff entitled Getting the Staff on Board including handouts on the top study skills, simple ways to get parents more involved with homework and study skills, ways to link study skills to existing lessons, answers to common questions parents ask about homework, best practices for homework policies and other helpful tips for teachers.
  • A section called "Engaging Parents" that includes a sample letter to parents along with homework policy summary and contract, ways to host a parent meeting on study skills including a sample invitation, ways to work with language barriers, use technology to promote study skills, ways to reach hard-to-reach parents and more!
  • Level-appropriate reproducible newsletter articles and handouts for parents of elementary and secondary students covering ways to help their child with: test preparation, time management, organization, responsibility, critical thinking, note- taking, listening, perseverance and motivation, developing learning strategies and overcoming homework struggles.
  • Publicity announcements and invitations to use on Facebook, your website, emails to parents, backpack flyers and more!

PLUS—Your Kit includes printed copies of these essential publications to distribute to families:

All of the Homework and Study Skills kit components are provided in an attractive binder. Use the helpful materials year after year to evaluate and improve your program!


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