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Supporting Student Success Video Series

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Empower families to be knowledgeable, active participants in supporting their children's success.

Introducing three videos filled with proven strategies to help parents enhance their children’s school success.

Schools can share these videos in a number of formats. Show them:

  • At back-to-school night or other school-wide parent events
  • On your website
  • In social media posts

Or include links in your school newsletter or in your email communications with parents!

Each short video offers strategies and tips parents and families can apply in their children’s lives every day. Plus, each video is personalized with your school or district name—and you will save valuable time by having high-quality, evidence-based content created for you.

Titles include:

The Family School Partnership

    To many parents, the thought of being involved in their child’s school seems daunting. Busy schedules and lack of time can lead parents to shy away from school involvement. Parents may be unsure about what to do, or they may not realize just how much of a difference they can make.

    Reassure parents and families that they have the power to help their children succeed—in school and in life—by sharing the easy family engagement strategies in this 5-minute video. You’ll help your students come to school more ready to learn and get along with others.

    Families will discover specific strategies that they can go home and implement today to:

      • Communicate with teachers.
      • Establish clear expectations for their child’s attendance, schoolwork and behavior.
      • Express interest in school and stay informed about what their child is learning.
      • Instill effective work and study habits.
      • Weave learning into everyday activities.
      • Make sure children get enough sleep, food, and exercise to stay alert and focused in class.

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    Supporting Your Child's Emotional Well-Being

      Parents and families have always been on the front lines when it comes to supporting and nurturing their child’s emotional well-being.

      In today’s world, this support is more important than ever as increasing numbers of children are experiencing anxiety and depression.

      Studies show that when children feel supported and emotionally secure, they do better in school—academically and socially. By sharing this video with your families, you help your students come to school more ready to learn and get along with others.

      This concise video offers parents specific ways to:

        • Teach their child about emotions.
        • Build resilience.
        • Help their child develop coping strategies.
        • Promote a healthy lifestyle.

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      Habits of Successful Students

        Help parents and families understand what habits form the foundation for student achievement and present easy strategies to help children develop these habits.

        The video lays out how parents can help their children:

          • Set goals, both short-term and long-term.
          • Develop strong organization and time management skills.
          • Build strong study habits.
          • Becoming active participants in class.

        … and much more!

        Empower families to reinforce these habits that can help students do better in every subject, improving grades and test scores.

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