College & Career Readiness: What Parents and Students Need to Know and Do Now

The time to start mapping the route to student success in college and career readiness is TODAY!

The College & Career Readiness meeting kit is for middle and high school students, and the parents and educators who guide them. Preparations made now will open the doors for future success. Multiple research studies show that the strongest predictors of college attendance and completion, particularly for minority and low–income students, are academic preparation, social support, access to information, parental involvement and knowledge about college and financial aid.

As family involvement is a critical component, schools must work together with parents to ensure that students understand and take the steps necessary to reach their goal. In a guided presentation and reproducible handouts, parents and students are encouraged to: Create an action plan for success, including goals and expectations and a four-year plan of courses; identify the student's strengths, interests and education options, prepare for parent/counselor/teacher/student conferences on college and career readiness and more. Families will learn ways to build a support network, get ready for important testing, pay for college, strengthen study habits and enable the student to take responsibility for learning.

In over 150 pages, the College & Career Readiness kit helps you engage all parents and students to prepare for college and a career using research-based solutions.

The kit includes:

  • Two videos (one middle school and one high school) for parents:"The Roadmap to College and Career Readiness" discussing the top 10 level-appropriate ways parents can help students navigate their way to college and a career.
  • Two level-appropriate Leader's Guides that provide outlines and greater details for the parent presentation, and related materials that include tips for planning successful meetings.
  • A research review for school leaders to help you build support and understanding among staff, parents and students called, Making the Case: The Value of Parent and Student Preparation to College and Career Readiness.
  • Reproducible (print, website, social media) materials for engaging parents and students that include level-appropriate sample informational letters, meeting invitations, and other publicity materials.
  • 50 copies each of two best-selling QuickTips parent brochures: Seven Habits of Highly Responsible Students and Help Your Child Balance School and Extracurricular Activities.
  • A binder and online portal containing the PowerPoint slides for the parent meeting, leader's presentation guides and all reproducible materials.

Keep students on track to future success! 

The College & Career Readiness Kit helps prepare parents and students to open doors for future success. In over 150 pages, our kit helps you engage ALL parents and students (even the hard to reach ones or those with language barriers) to plan and prepare students for college and a career using evidence-based solutions. Order now!


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