Student Success Student Tips Series

Receive printed copies of each of these four best-selling Student Tips in English! The Student Success Series will address the topics critical to a student's academic success.

Titles include:

  • Why Your Attendance Matters - research shows a clear link—students who come to class regularly do better in school. But many students don't see the connection. This Student Tips brochure discusses the importance of attendance to academic success.
  • Making Better Choices - as students grow, so does the importance of their choices. They face choices about teen dating, drugs and alcohol, cheating, crime and more. This Student Tips brochure discusses ways students can improve their decision-making process.
  • How to Get Along With Your Teachers - when students take time to respect, get to know and understand their teachers they learn more. This Student Tip explains that teachers and students have the same goal—to help students succeed!
  • Better Time Management - with homework, studying for tests, projects, after-school activities and household chores, there never seems to be enough time! This Student Tip shows students how to use their time for school success.




Student Tips Series Pricing

Available in sets of:

50 copies each = 200 brochures total. $159.00

100 copies each = 400 brochures total. $299.00

500 copies each = 2,000 brochures total. $899.00