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Complete Digital eLibrary for Family Engagement (Electronic)

Comprehensive Online Library Promotes Family Engagement


All your family engagement needs are covered with every digital title we offer. Includes 83 titles—every Booklet, QuickTips brochure, Student Tips brochure and Stuffer Card.

Versatile outreach to families—post on your website, email, and print on demand for a full year!

These helpful, simply-written, evidence-based publications are available for families to access online any time they have questions or concerns—day or night—from home, at work or anywhere.

(29) Booklet titles include:

  • Summer Matters: Easy Ways Families Can Support Summer Learning
  • Transitions Booklet Series (2 titles) –
    • Off to a Good Start! Ways Parents Can Help Children Get Ready to Begin School
    • Moving Right Along: Ways Parents Can Help Children Succeed in the Middle Grades
  • Mental Health Booklet Series (2 titles) –
    • Supporting Your Child’s Mental Well-Being
    • Mental Well-Being: Coping With Common Challenges
  • Parenting Series (4 titles) – 25 Ways Parents Can...
    • Read with Children
    • Motivate Children
    • Help Children Learn
    • Build Responsibility in Children
  • Skills for School Success Series (4 titles) –
    • Building Homework & Study Skills
    • Listening Well & Following Directions
    • Critical Thinking
    • Questions & Answers About Standardized Tests
  • Discipline Series (4 titles) – 
    • Teaching Children Responsibility for Their Learning & Behavior
    • Helping Children Learn to Resolve Conflicts
    • Helping Children Learn Self-Discipline
    • Building Respect for Self and Others
  • Academic Achievement Series (5 titles) – What Parents Can Do at Home to Help With...
    • Reading
    • Math
    • Vocabulary
    • Science
    • Writing
  • Questions Parents Ask Series (3 titles) – Questions Parents Ask About...
    • Attendance
    • Bullying
    • Working with Your School
  • Homework & Study Skills Series (4 titles) –
    • Studying for & Taking Tests
    • Getting Organized for Schoolwork & Homework
    • Top Five Study Skills Every Student Needs
    • Reading for Meaning

    (31) QuickTips titles include:

    • Building Student Responsibility Series (4 titles) –
      • Seven Habits of Highly Responsible Students
      • Help Your Child Take Responsibility for Belongings and Schoolwork
      • Learning Is Your Child's Responsibility
      • Ways Parents Can Manage Kids' Technology Use
    • Motivating Parents Elementary School Series (4 titles) –
      • It's Never Too Late to Get Involved
      • Parents Are Teachers, Too!
      • Ways Busy Parents Can Help Children Succeed in Elementary School
      • Get Ready for the Parent-Teacher Conference
    • Motivating Parents Middle School Series (5 titles) –
      • It's Never Too Late to Get Involved!
      • Parents Are Teachers, Too!
      • Ways Busy Parents Can Help Children Succeed in Middle School
      • How to Work With Your Child's Teacher
      • Ways Parents Can Manage Teens' Technology Use
    • Learning Fundamentals Series (5 titles) –
      • Teach Your Child How to Set Goals...And Reach Them!
      • Help Your Child Develop an 'I Can Do It' Attitude
      • Help Your Child Learn from Mistakes
      • Homework Time Made Easier...and More Effective
      • Secrets for Making Children Want To Read
    • Student Stress Series (4 titles) –
      • Ten Ways to Help Your Child Deal with Peer Pressure
      • Facts Parents Should Know About Children and Depression
      • Help Your Child Balance School & Extracurricular Activities
      • Help Your Child Do Better on Tests
    • Tough Issues Series (4 titles) – Dealing with the Tough Issues...
      • The Disengaged Student
      • Bullying
      • Cheating & Dishonesty
      • Helping Children Cope With Grief
    • Social, Emotional and Executive Skills Series (5 titles) – Help Your Child...
      • Develop Self-Awareness
      • Learn Self-Management
      • Practice Responsible Decision-Making
      • Strengthen Relationship Skills
      • Build Social Awareness

      (14) Student Tips titles include:

      • Top Issues Series (4 titles) – Dealing With Peer Pressure, Dealing With Depression, Resolving Conflicts, and Dealing With Bullies
      • Student Success Series (4 titles) – Why Your Attendance Matters, Making Better Choices, How to Get Along With Your Teachers, and Better Time Management
      • Academic Achievement Series (3 titles) – How to Tackle Large Assignments, How to Become a Better Writer, and How to Do Better in Math
      • Study Skills Series (3 titles) – How to Do Better on Tests, 10 Study Secrets of Great Students, and How to Remember What You've Learned

      (9) Stuffer Card titles include:

      • Motivating Parents Series (3 titles) - Attendance, Communicating Expectations, and The School-Family Team
      • Motivating Students Series (3 titles) – Good Study Habits, Reading and Setting Goals
      • Secrets of Success Series (3 titles) – Responsibility, Self-Discipline and Getting Along with Others

        83 titles total


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