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Moving Right Along: Engaging Families for Student Success in the Middle Grades

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The transition to the middle grades can be an apprehensive time for families and students. But for school leaders it also presents a wonderful opportunity to help parents when they want it most. What your school does—or doesn't do—during the transition will have a lasting impact on your students and their parents.

Help parents and families right when they are most eager to see that their children make a successful new start with the Moving Right Along Resource Kit!

Moving Right Along offers a compilation of experience- and research-based resources to help you ensure a smooth transition from elementary to middle grades. It will help both elementary and secondary school leaders prepare parents and their rising students to meet new challenges and open up a meaningful dialogue for success that can last throughout the middle years and beyond.

Topics Covered

Families will get information to help them understand and ease their child’s transition anxiety and developmental issues, plus ways to help their child get organized and accept responsibility for their learning, improve their time management, homework skills, attendance and more!

Students will get tips on peer pressure, bullying/cyberbullying, reading, math, writing, testing, study skills and other key topics!

What You Get

Available in English and English with a Spanish supplement, this kit is appropriate for both Elementary and Secondary age levels and contains:

  • A ready-to-use video presentation that is professionally narrated and presented by The Parent Institute. Appropriate for meetings of just families or meetings including students, this video is a powerful, ready-made tool for your school.
  • An online portal containing the PowerPoint presentation with a suggested script for your own presentation to parents.
  • A Leader's Guide that includes an agenda, discussion topics and tips for conducting successful meetings yourself.
  • A ready-to-implement campaign—complete with planning materials and handouts for your transition events, including:
    • Ten successful transition program profiles
    • Sample invitations and media releases to engage the community
    • Checklists and timelines
    • Ways to work with your feeders schools
    • Copy-ready materials to put into your transition packet
  • Over 200 pages of reproducible handout materials covering the academic, logistical and social concerns of students, parents, teachers and counselors. There are also ideas for the first week of school and ways to keep the momentum going for years to come!

You will also receive 50 copies of our best-selling booklet, Moving Right Along: Ways Families Can Help Children Succeed in the Middle Grades.

Plus, everything comes in a colorful, organized storage binder to hold all your kit components in one easy-to-find source for years of safekeeping!


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